One could argue that mictosoft created the Xbox AV jack as an efficient way to provide multiple AV options while not loading the back of the Xbox with millions of jacks that may users would not use. And, they would be right. I'm sure microshaft did save a lot of money with there AV jack idea. But, the idea behind this could not be convenience alone. They came out with a hand full of little "converters" (more accurately: ADAPTERS) that were made of nothing more than plugs, wires and a rubber enclosure. Well, some included a small PC Board for some reason. The point is, they charged $25+ for cheap copper and rubber. And with there record of making Xbox owners shell out more money, long after the original transaction has completed, it is pretty clear that the Xbox is quite a CashBox for microshaft.


• Firstly, they cam out with nothing more than a small DESKTOP COMPUTER and called it the Xbox. While in development, microsoft went out of there way to make sure there games could only be played on there system. Until now, gamers were very happy to buy games for there existing computers.

• As if that wasn't enough, microsoft went on to redesign there COMPUTER's USB ports to make sure you didn't try to hook up any of your existing controllers. No way! You need to go buy all new Xbox controllers now. It would have been easy to allow the Xbox to accept many USB devices. but, they actually made an effort to keep there box as proprietary as possible. Hey microsoft! The U in USB stands for UNIVERSAL, you assholes!

• The Xbox comes ready to play DVD movies. All necessary hardware and software exists within your Xbox right now. Well, almost everything. This ability is disabled until you go out and buy a $30 remote with a USB receiver. When you plug in the receiver, the Xbox detects it and treats it as a dongle the will now ALLOW you to access the DVD playing feature. Way to make us fork out $30 bucks for more plastic crap. There is nothing special about that remote that warrants the price tag. What it comes doe to is GREED!

• Component video exists within the Xbox. But, you can't use it until you buy an overpriced adapter.

• S-Video (S-VHS) exists within the Xbox. But, you can't use it until you buy an overpriced adapter.

• S/PDIF or S/P-DIF exists within the Xbox. But, you can't use it until you buy an overpriced adapter.

• As with most games, Xbox games have occasional updates such as new maps for MechAssault 2. Although, if you want them, you have to pay for them. And, even if you are willing to pay for updates, you have to pay for Xbox Live in order to receive them. Updates; I always though that was called SUPPORTING YOUR PRODUCT! In the past, PC gamers have come to rely on gaming companies to release game updates such as patches, maps, bug fixes, cheat/hack busters... All free of charge. But, that's just not the way microsoft works.

• Gamers have enjoyed playing games online for years. All you needed was a PC and a game that supported online play. Not any more. Now we have Xbox Live, where you have the ability to play online games, with the added feature of being forced to pay for it. You have no other choices! Fuck You MS!

• The Xbox is able to run other (BETTER) operating systems such as Linux. However, as expected microsoft tries to keep you from doing this. they FAILED! So mod you boxes, unlock those features, make your entire gaming and media experiences better and save money while doing it.

This list is far from complete.