Ghetto X' Over Cable
Make a crossover cable with all the wrong tools.
By: AlphA

I needed a crossover cable and didn't have plugs or my crimps. What kind of geek would I be if I let such things stop progress?

I grabbed a standard straight-through cable from my cable bin.

..removed the outer insulation

..clipped the 4 wires in need of modification for some 100base-TX duplexing. TX+ TX- (transmitter) RX+ RX- (receiver). I gave the 4 unused wires a twist to move the clipped wires closer together for soldering. I could have just trimmed back the 4 unused lines, but I left them in place to add to the strength of the cable.

..simply matched the orange to the greens and the stripes respectively. ORANGE stripe to GREEN stripe, ORANGE to GREEN, GREEN stripe to ORANGE stripe, GREEN to ORANGE.

At this point, I had myself a couple of bacondogs and tested my work. Everything checks out and 'em backondogs is mighty tasty!

..closed everything up..





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