JuiceBox Image Converter Application
By: AlphA

Amiga Rules!
Convert raw images to JBP with your AmigA!

You're not cool unless you convert JuiceBox images with your Amiga!

Well, I successfully wrote an image converter. This is the part where you all laugh. The bad news: it only runs on an Amiga. Ok, so I'm a die-hard Amiga freak. I just can't put the thing away.

Anyway, all I had to do was start with a raw (headerless), 240X160, interleaved, 24BBP, RGB image. Simple enough. All sorts of applications are available to do this. I found the fastest/simplest to be IrfanView(free). Then, feed the raw files to my Amiga and run my app which takes the first 8 bits from the input files hex string, divide by 16, keeps only the whole numbers, multiply by 16 and add it to the second 8 bits. Repeat again, and you have your first char. Append that char to a variable and loop, dumping to a file now and then until eof. Perfect! Think I'm nuts? Check out the results below.

Converted to raw: mystang.raw
Final JBP after Amiga: mystang.jbp

Converted to raw: rave.raw
Final JBP after Amiga: rave.jbp

Converted to raw: boom.raw
Final JBP after Amiga: boom.jbp



Don't forget the hack!