Original Mugen stuff
By: AlphA


Biped was my intro to Mugen. He started out as a test project inspired by the popular 3DSMAX plug-in from that time. During its development, Biped evolved into a completely unique and original Mugen character.


I was away from home and got bored. This is nothing more than a retarded joke. Enjoy.

If you like graffiti, you'll like the ghetto.

I created the graphics for this stage on my Amiga A-1200 years before the existence of Mugen. In 1999, I converted it to a Mugen stage.

Alpha Sector 01
A simple stage created in LightWave.

Anna's Room
This is an inside joke for anyone who has ever worked on the movie Far Impact or for TriMetro Pictures.


AlphA-XMugen Screen Pack
AlphA-XMugen Screen Pack is part of a Mugen DVD I made. Since the DVD contains so many chars and stages, I'm not going to make the DVD available for download in its entirety. (I recall all of the negative feedback I received when I ran the Mugen FTP which was the largest Mugen warehouse of its time.) However, you are welcome to enjoy this screen pack and included life/power bars. It's a bit beefy due to the MP3's. If you dig the tunes, more can be foundHERE.

All work compatible with both WinMugen and XMugen.

Here! Have some sprites from Cyber Bots and Armored Warriors!