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New OTF developement is in progress!

On The Fly MIDI sequencing software for the Commodore Amiga
By: AlphA

Before I scored my collection of Roland gear, I needed a pattern based way to program my synth lines and drum loops on the fly. My solution was to write a program which would allow me to control my MIDI studio in that manner. I called it On-The-Fly and used it for many years, even while performing live. I never made the software available, because it was exclusively tailored for only my studio. For example, midi channels and instrument numbers could not be adjusted. After posting up a few screenshots on my web site, I started to receive emails from other electronic musicians who wanted to try it. As a result, pulled out my A1200, dug up the source code, and added a few things like a little config utility. Now that OTF can be functional in any MIDI studio, I have finally made it available for download!

Basic Features:
MIDI Sync via Amiga serial port (MIDI unit required)
Din Sync via Amiga joystick port (additional circuitry required)
Proprietary 303 style sequencer (to control my modified PAIA FatMan )
Sample Sequencer
LFO midi controllers
Analog style sequencer
2X Roland style drum sequencers
Pattern load/save, linking
Pattern shuffle, length and shift (each independently per module)

Absolutely EVERYING is editable (with real-time results) while playing.



Here's an example of what can be done with OTF, a DrumStation and a modified PAIA FatMan: AlphA DoG - OTF1.mp3
This track was heavily influenced by the masters of on the fly Acid music Prototype 909.





Decompress with LhA.




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