RF Receiver Mod
By: AlphA

RF Receiver Mod
Extend the range of your wireless devices.

This mod is so cheap and simple; there is no excuse for anyone not to do it.
This includes manufactures. Shame on you!

So, I went to the puter store and picked up the ghetto special. A wireless keyboard/mouse for $20! Why so cheep? Range! I got no more than 12 feet out of mine -- out of the box, that is.

A look inside reveals a shoddy attempt to use the outer rim of the PC board as an internal antenna. This may be a well practiced technique. But, with the absence of "working well", it's shoddy.

On the flip side, this antenna conveniently ties back to the main circuit via jumper L1.

I desoldered the jumper and replaced it with copper wire. I had success with every type and gauge I tried. What you have will, most likely, work.
I also made a hole on the top of the enclosure for my new antenna to poke through.

Reassemble and you're done!

I did this as not to stab myself (and others) with the tip. It already saved me once.

I have at least doubled my range. I went from a 12 foot limit to being able to run down the hall, two rooms away while remaining in range. I don't know, exactly, how far I can go. I didn't want the neighbors to see me running around outside while using a keyboard/mouse for no apparent reason.
I can now say I have more than enough range.