Steel Battalion Controller Mod
By: AlphA


Here is a simple cosmetic mod that adds a customized look to the controller.

Tired of looking at the empty backing to those big eject, hatch, ignition, and start buttons, I couldn't help but notice how easy it would be to add a custom backing to them. I simply, removed the buttons and measured the inside, printed out a few graphics, cut them out and placed them inside. Be very careful when handling the colored plastic button tops. They are rather brittle and will sooner snap than flex. Do not cut the paper to accommodate the tabs. Rather, let the tabs push a bit of the paper down. This will help hold it in place.

Here are the completed buttons.

Here are my designs, for you to download and use.

Or, use this template for making your own.

Be sure to test all buttons before playing a game. During a battle, you would hate to find out your eject button isn't functioning. I made a few graphics for the other (smaller) buttons, but they were too difficult to see.


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