Steel Battalion Controller Mod
By: AlphA

Adjusting Resistance

Here is a mod that is in high demand- Adjusting the amount of friction in that gear leaver. Rather, lowering the stiffness so the left side of the controller isn't being drug all over the place while shifting. Dealing with the issue brings up two specific areas, regarding friction and the resistance of motion.

1) resistance between gears
2) overall resistance

I found what I expected when looking at the gear leaver. A conductor attached to the shifting leaver, being drug along a pc board with a conductive surface laid out in one long strip (ground) and another strip divided into sections (R, N 1-5). The leaver acts like a seven pole, single throw switch, connection the two sides together at a variable point.


I removed the conductor component from the gear leaver and added a couple of washers to the screw. This will cause the component to lift away from the risen area located between gears. Doing so decreases the about of force needed to change gears. However, this will also press the conductive tabs against the pc board. So, as resistance between gears decreases, overall resistance increases.

To remedy this and reduce overall resistance, I added a couple of washers to the screws that connect this board to the controller, and holds the board against the conductive component of the shifting leaver. Doing this will not only make shifting easier. It should increase the life of the controller. Less drag moving along those conductive strips will help prevent them from wearing away.


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