• Speaker Mute micro switch (Does not effect headphone)
• Speaker/Headphone volume control
• USB port (to be used with USB A male to male cable)
• 1/8th" (3.5mm) stereo (dual mono) headphone jack (disables speaker when occupied)
• 1/16" (2.5mm) remote record start/stop with record LED support.
Swappable lens mod


more info to come...

additional components

usb + bypassing speaker



micro switch flush with top

all ports flush or nearly so

almost complete

tapping LED and speaker bypass

tapping button and secured with hot glue slop job

added small wire junctions for future internal accessibility

cut battery PCB and rerouted power source to free up some space


leather case

beginnings of car mount (or camera easy chair)

remote record switch connected

functionality confirmed

both led's rockin'

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size , schematics, functions


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