Steel Battalion Controller Mod
By: AlphA

External Module

Unsatisfied with the state of my communicator headphones, I decided to go a little further.

I gutted my cheap knock-off Xbox communicator module (named "Hip Gear" no less) and dremeled a space in the enclosure to add a USB jack.


I found a plentiful source of USB jacks from gutting those USB to PS2 adapters that come with some USB keyboards and mice. Now you know what to do with those things!


I wired the jack up to the back of the Xbox USB plug. This undoes Microcrap's attempt to make proprietary what has been standard for years. Jerks!


Now I have a nifty Xbox USB adaptor that can be used for all sorts of things! Such as, using thumb drives as memory cards.


I installed the remains of my Hip Gear communicator module into a small project box. The Xbox plug has been replaced with a standard USB cable. The area where the headset was hardwired into the PC board has been adapted to host two mono 1/8" jacks. The mute switch has been piggybacked with a new surface mount switch. And the LED replaced with wires leading the new switch’s LED.


Once completed, it looked like this. The red light on top signifies mute status. This light is also the button that, when pushed, toggles the mute status.


I added 1/8" plugs to the ends of the headset cable, where they were originally attached to the PC board. Now I have a headset/microphone I can use for just about anything, Such as, using my PC's mic and phone jacks for chatting on line. Better yet, use them for performing Britney Spears karaoke!!


When I need to speak outside of the gaming universe, I no longer have to find my controller and press that little mute button. It looks a lot tougher, in a cockpit sort of way.

Aside from enhancing the flexibility of the now separated elements of the Xbox communicator, the real payoff will come when I have completed other mods which will eventually do away with any need for the standard Xbox controller while playing SB and LOC.


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